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Lore Eckelberry 

Lore Eckelberry is an international contemporary artist based in Los Angeles, California. Her paintings are featured in Museums, galleries and private collections throughout the United States, Japan, Italy, England, Germany, Spain, Korea, Chile, Thailand, Taiwan, Holland, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico.

A love of travel and curiosity about other cultures has led Lore to visit many countries. She has also lived in Mexico and Italy for some time and frequently returns to Japan.

Lore’s painting style has evolved from early 20th century inspired to totally distinctly contemporary. Each spontaneous, explosive painting displays her love of strong, expressive emotions. An emphasis on color creates a modern and innovative strength in art expression.  Lore’s use of color in portraits evoke an intimate side of the subjects she paints, reflecting their inner soul.

Lore Eckelberry 



Selected Exhibitions

2017   Studio Abba, Italy                                                                       Florence, Italy

2017   LA Artcore Gallery                                                                  Los Angeles, CA

2017   Solo Show at Sakuragi Fine Arts Gallery                                         Tokyo, Japan

2016   Wichita Falls Museum                                                          Wichita Falls, Texas

2016   Bookchon Gallery                                                                         Soul, Korea

2016   Modern Art Museum                                                                      Soul, Korea

2016   Am Park Gallery                                                                 Frankfurt, Germany

2016   The Loft Gallery                                                                       San Pedro, CA

2016   PSA 91st Annual Exhibition SFV Art Center Juried Show             Los Angeles, CA

2016   Fun Year Art Gallery                                                              Taichung, Taiwan

2016   Palazzo Franchetti Gallery                                                             Venice, Italy

2015   Solo Show at LA Artcore Gallery                                              Los Angeles, CA

2015   Kyoto International Gallery                                                           Kyoto, Japan

2015   Kitakyushu City Museum                                                           Fukuoka, Japan

2015   Park Gallery “The color within” Exhibition                                        New Mexico

2015   Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum                                                    Tokyo, Japan

2014   Pasadena Central Library “Curiosity” Juried show                          Pasadena, CA

2014   Andaman Museum of Krabi “international Show” Juried                   Krabi, Thailand

2014   825 Gallery Annual fundraising event Juried show                        Los Angeles, CA

2014   LA ARTCORE “Latin American Artists of LA” Juried Show           Los Angeles, CA

2014   Contemporary City Gallery Juried Show                                   Bangkok, Thailand

2012   Kyouseinosato Art Museum, Solo Show                                        Kyushu, Japan

2012   Asian Art Museum, US-Japan International Show                          Fukuoka, Japan

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2017             Studio Abba, Italy                                                                              Florence, Italy

2017             LA Artcore Gallery                                                                            Los Angeles, CA

2017             3331 Tokyo Gallery                                                                          Tokyo, Japan

2017             Solo Show at Sakuragi Fine Arts Gallery                                      Tokyo, Japan

2016             Wichita Falls Museum                                                                      Wichita Falls, Texas

2016             Bookchon Gallery                                                                              Soul, Korea

2016             Modern Art Museum                                                                        Soul, Korea

2016             Am Park Gallery                                                                                Frankfurt, Germany

2016             The Loft Gallery                                                                                 San Pedro, CA

2016             Park Gallery                                                                                       New Mexico

2016             CAL “A Moment in Time” Historic Blinn House Juried Show         Pasadena, CA

2016             PSA 91st Annual Exhibition SFV Art Center Juried Show              Los Angeles, CA

2016             Fun Year Art Gallery                                                                          Taichung, Taiwan

2016             Palazzo Franchetti Gallery                                                               Venice, Italy

2016             Andaman Museum                                                                            Krabi, Thailand

2016             Creative Art Museum                                                                        Bangkok, Thailand

2015             Avenue 50 Studio Gallery “Wishes and Dreams” Juried Show     Highland Park, CA

2015             Historic Blinn House “Ice and Fire” Juried Show                           Pasadena, CA

2015             Towns Burr Gallery Juried Show                                                    Burbank, CA

2015             Blue Roof Museum                                                                            Chengdu, China

2015             Solo Show at LA Artcore Gallery                                                     Los Angeles, CA

2015             Kyoto International Gallery                                                               Kyoto, Japan

2015             Kitakyushu City Museum                                                                  Fukuoka, Japan

2015             Ashinga Town gallery                                                                       Fukuoka, Japan

2015             Park Gallery “The color within” Exhibition                                      New Mexico

2015             Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum                                                      Tokyo, Japan

2014             825 Gallery “informationary” Juried show                                     West Hollywood, CA

2014             Pasadena Central Library “Curiosity” Juried show                        Pasadena, CA

2014             Historic Blinn House in Pasadena“All that Glitters” Juried           Pasadena, CA

2014             Andaman Museum of Krabi “international Show” Juried             Krabi, Thailand

2014             825 Gallery Annual fundraising event Juried show                      West Hollywood, CA

2014             LA ARTCORE “Latin American Artists of LA” Juried Show           Los Angeles, CA

2014             Contemporary Museum of Krabi “international Show” Juried     Krabi, Thailand

2014             Taksin University Contemporary Gallery Juried Show                 Songkla, Thailand

2014             Naresuan University Art Museum                                                  Phitsanulok, Thailand

2013             LA ARTCORE “Holiday arts and crafts exhibition” Juried show  Downtown LA, CA

2013             CAL “Magic” Exhibition Juried show                                              Pasadena, CA

2013             PSA Pasadena Central Library show                                            Pasadena, CA

2013             Towns Burr Gallery Solo Exhibition J                                           Burbank, CA

2013             LAAA, 825 Gallery, “Out There” Juried Show                               West Los Angeles, CA

2013             CAA, Studio FIVE08 Gallery “Wired” Juried show                        Santa Monica, CA

2013             PSA Pasadena Central Library Exhibition                                     Pasadena, CA

2013             Creator’s Ark Gallery Juried Show                                               Fukuoka, Japan

2013             LAAA, 825 Gallery “Gleaming Apollo” Juried show                     West Los Angeles, CA

2013             WPW, Whole 9 Gallery “Spring Show” Juried show                    Culver city, CA

2013             Gallery 800 “9 Dimensions Exhibition”                                         North Hollywood, CA

2013             LAAA, 825 Gallery “words on printed page” Juried show          West Los Angeles, CA

2013             CAL Sylvana Gallery “Gold Medal Exhibition” Juried Show        Glendale, CA

2013             Higuchi Gallery in Nakasu, Juried show                                      Fukuoka, Japan

2012             Women Painters West, Arena 1 Juried Show                             Santa Monica, CA

2012             Kyouseinosato Art Museum, Solo Show                                     Kyushu, Japan

2012             IT’S Gallery, Exhibition                                                                  Fukuoka, Japan

2012             Fukuoka City Museum, US-Japan International Show             Fukuoka, Japan

2008            LA Artcore Brewery Juried show                                                Downtown LA, CA

2008            Human Rights Auction Juried show                                            Beverly Hills, CA 

2008            2008 Viva Salon #1 Juried show                                                 Sherman Oaks, CA

2008            James Gray Gallery Solo show                                                   Bergamot Station, CA

2008            Viva Salon 2008 Juried show (9 juried shows in 2008)            Sherman Oaks, CA

2007            Artists for Human Rights, James Gray Gallery Juried show    Bergamot Station, CA

2007            “Score VI” Viva Gallery Juried show                                           Sherman Oaks, CA

2007             Los Angeles Municipal Gallery                                                   Los Angeles, CA

2007             Chait Gallery                                                                                Beverly Hills, CA

2006             Infusion Gallery Solo Show                                                         Los Angeles, CA

2002             Hozy’s Solo Show                                                                       Ventura, CA



2016             Art Magazine, Taiwan

2016             Venice Scene magazine, Italy

2016             Art Media, Italy

2015             Turner Paint Catalog, Japan

2015             Artillery Magazine, Los Angeles

2015             ArtScene Magazine, Los Angeles

2015             Artweek.LA September

2015             Pasadena Society of Artists 90th Anniversary catalog

2015             “Kyoto News” Newspaper in Kyoto, Japan

2015             Kyushu Japan T.V.  local news

2015             City of Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Magazine American Heritage month

2015             Artweek.LA February

2014             Art Krabi Magazine

2012             Art Studio Secrets by Sarnat

2009             Catalog of MOMA Museum Busan

2009             Southwest Art Magazine Collector’s Edition

2008             The Arts Magazine in Japan

2008             The Latest Magazine (cover)

2008             Southwest Art Magazine Collector’s Edition

2008             Jerry’s Artarama catalog

2007             Hawaiian Style Magazine

2006             The Latest Magazine

2002             Ventura County Star (cover)



LA Artcore Board of Directors

Los Angeles Art Association                                                         

Women Painters West

Pasadena Society of Artists                                                          

Collage Artists of America                                                            

California Art League

LA Experimental Artists                                                                

San Fernando Art Alliance Center

San Fernando Valley Art Club


2015 CAL 3rd place Golden medallion Exhibition

2014 California Art League Honorable Mention

2014 California Art League Honorable Mention

2013 San Fernando Art Club 2nd place

2012 California art League Honorable Mention

2010 WPW West Jean Henning Award 2nd Place

2010 Orlando Gallery Honorable Mention

2010 PSA Best in Show

2009 Valley Artist Guild Best in Show

2009 Women Painters West Marci Award 3rd place


Artist Statement


I strongly believe that the soul of a man can be reflected and recorded in art.


I like to convey an emotion that comes directly from the subject I am painting.

It is not my intention to create a mirror image of the person, their sex, or their likeness.

What I want is to give a sense of feeling and emotion through the color and shape of my art.


I love to travel. I am very interested in other countries and their cultures. People, colors, traditions, religion, and landscapes fascinate me. It is the sensation of the emotion that I perceive in a culture or the people around me that I wish to communicate in my paintings.


I love people and animals. It is the love and admiration that I have for them that inspires me to keep on painting.


Kazu san 2015_DSC7477_72
Into the Woods_Lore_Eckelberry
Dont Say It_72
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