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2006 Ph.D Candidate of Fine Arts (Department of Sculpture), Seoul National University (Ph.D)

1999 M.F.A in Sculpture from Graduate School of Seoul National University (M.F.A)

1993 Graduated from Department of Sculpture, Collage of Fine Arts, Seoul National University (B.F.A)


Solo Exhibition

2015 'Intangible White', Gallery Art User, Seoul, Korea

2014 'Animal Doll Figures with Dream+Hope, Studio Ambient, Kyoto, Japan

2014 'Play with Avenuel', Lotte Avenuel, Seoul, Korea

2013 'Sky, Water and Forest', 63 Sky Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2013 'NJ Entertainment, Jeju', Via art Art Center, Jeju, Korea

2012 'Yearning, Promise - 4,185km', Space The Cut, Seoul, Korea

2011 'The Hope for those who forget theirs', Lee Hwaik Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2010 'You can do more light and trivial', Gallery Kaze, Osaka, Japan

2009 'Trivial and Not Serious', Gallery Royal, Seoul, Korea

2009 'NJ Entertainment, Osaka', Gallery Kaze, Osaka, Japan

2009 'NJ Entertainment, Tokyo', Keumsan Gallery Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

2008 'NJ Entertainment, Seoul', Lee Hwaik Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2007 'Mother & Son - Your Wishes', Incheon Shinsegae Gallery, Incheon, Korea

2007 'Mother & Son - Your Wishes', SongEun Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2006 ' Image - Mother & Son ', Kimjinhye Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2004 ' A Respiration of the Earth', Space Cell Gallery, Seoul, Korea


Duo Exhibition

2016 'NaEul & NohJun' Duo Exhibition, Tri Gallery Ochanomizu, Tokyo, Japan

2015 'NaEul & NohJun' Duo Exhibition, Abeno Harukasu Gallery, Osaka, Japan and more.

Group Exhibition

2016 'Not same Less different', Gallery Mark, Seoul, Korea and more.



ノ ジュン


” In Pursuit e of Beauty” 実行委員会事務局

アートイマジンギャラリー 代表:吉田 史崇


東京都国立市東 1-15-33 ヒロセビル 5F

TEL&FAX 042-595-9612

This site is the planning center of the interchange exhibition held in 2017

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