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Born, raised and educated in Kyoto with national and international experience utilizing excellent bilingual liaison skills and cross cultural awareness. Ayumi was taught by her father, a Japanese designer, and in the memory of her grandfather, Kakuho, a great artist in Kyoto painting. Presently, Ayumi is involved in introducing the newly designed leather textile “KYOTO Leather” with the traditional Yuzen technique of dyeing Kimonos. She introduces Kyoto aesthetic style in quality, tradition and design, connecting everyone to the pleasure of art.

The sense of each work describes the spirit of nature and breath of life. They are originated in Japanese cultural things such as a touch of transition of seasons, life of flowery ancient court people or an ordinary scenery from Machiya houses. With the essence of “KYOTO Leather” textile newly created with the traditional dying technique of Yuzen Kimono, the traditional weaven clothes in Japan. It brings a fusion of a sense of court people’s pleasure of art in an ancient Kyoto and the unique new leather art that is not rooted in Kyoto tradition, yet with the highly unique dyeing technique of Kyoto tradition.

Design and motif are closely connected to ancient stories or poets. Manyoshu, one of the old poets describes the feeling of those who lived those days and Genji story, one of the oldest romance stories brings scenery to the art work.

Yet, the material of Japanese paints used is simple and best to describe art. To eliminate the complexity of lifestyle, it leaves the simplicity of art for everyone to enjoy and feel the transparency in each art scene.



August 2016    International Exchange Show, LA Artcore, Los Angels

August 2016    Kyoto Traditional Exhibit, Japan American Cultural & Community Center, LA

March 2015    Solo Exhibit, Mizuno Gallery, Nishijin Kyoto

September 2014  Italian-Japanese Acquarello, Sokyo Gallery, Gion Kyoto

出内 あゆみ 

デウチ アユミ


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3331 profile 01
Autumn breeze
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Early spring
Machiya view
Momiji iro
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