Artist Statement 


In the 21st century, material goods are deemed vital in providing for comfortable lives. It seems that the more civilized we are as humans, the more trash we create.


When the environmental issue concerns me, I transfer those feelings into my art. I challenge myself as if I were fighting for survival in the toxic space. I dump my paint down, push my strokes, drip, wipe, struggle, and contemplate. During the process of creating art, I look around at my surroundings and use the trash as part of my statement in my work. When the visual elements finally align with my feelings, it’s time for the actions to stop.





Ann Phong received her MFA from California State University, Fullerton in 1995, and has actively participated in more than 100 solo and group shows in galleries and museums. Her work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, to Houston, Vancouver, Bangkok, Karbi, Seoul, Chengdu and Taichung.          


Ann currently teaches art at Cal Poly Pomona University. Ann also serves as the board president of VAALA (Vietnamese American Arts and Letters Association), a nonprofit organization to promote Vietnamese American artists who live outside Vietnam. 


Ann has been invited to speak at many high schools, colleges, universities, galleries and museums on the subject of her own work and the work of other Vietnamese American artists.




Artist File Top


annphong, food talk, 24x23x8, mixed media, 2012
ann phong, space, 10x10, 2016
ann phong, human traces on earth mixed, 20x20x20, 2015
ann phong, nature&man made #2, 15x14, 2015
Ann Phong, Fragile Lives #3, 8x12, mixed media, 2014
ann phong, Floating, mixed media, 7x24, 2014
ann phong, Angel, mixed media, 24x48x3, 2014