Artist Statement 

My work primarily focuses on nature especially where I live or where I had been, the shape of land and the feeling of the environment influences my work.

One of the ways expressing the beautiful nature or the scene by work of art, I captured them by photo and collaged the photo image like fragments of remembrance and added my emotion and sense of art with colors on boards.




One of board members at LA Artcore 2014

worked  as a curator at Rheeway Galerie, 2010 & 2011 LA, CA

Worked as a curator at Gallery Western, 2008 & 2009 LA, CA

Worked as a lecturer at Sung Shin Women’s University,  2010 Seoul Korea

A member of Korean Artists Association of Southern California

A Member of Korean Catholic Artist of Southern California

2007&2009 Served as a president of Southern California Korean Catholic Artists Association                 

2004&2005 Served as a president of Southern California Korean Artists Association

1991:  MFA sculpture major at Sung Shin Women’s University Graduate School

           in Korea

1989:  BFA sculpture major at Sung Shin Women’s University in Korea



Solo Exhibition

2014: "Art & Nature" Gallery Ls, San Pedro, CA

2010:  “Harmony in Red” at PICI GALERIE Seoul in Korea

2008:  “Formative Experience(Red Boxes)-Inaugural Invitational exhibition-

            FT Art Gallery in LA

2007:  “Formative Experience(small pieces) 2007” Cerritos Library

2005:  “Formative Experience” SCA Gallery in Pomona

2003:  “RED ROOM” 57 Underground Gallery in Pomona, CA

1990:  MFA request at Chungnyun Gallery in Seoul Korea,


Permanent Collection:

 “Rousing” Dr. Pauline Merry & Dr. John Goodman

"Navigating"  Andaman Art Museum at Krabi, Thailand 2014



Three Man Show 

2012: Won Sil Kim. Da Aie Park, Omyrrha Levinson Rogers, 

           La Art Core Gallery at the Brewery Annex 

2004: “Eclectic Fusion” 57 Underground Gallery in Pomona


Four Men Show

2006: “Diverse Focus” at SCA Gallery in Pomona

2007: “Art 4 Now” at SCA Gallery in Pomona


Fragments of Remembrance (New Mexico-1)10”x12”

Series of White Box-California-Hollywood 8”x6”




Artist File Top


Group Exhibition:

2016: Art Affortable  2016  New York

2015: :The Colors within” Park Fine Art Gallery, Albuquerque, NM

2015: “Another Step” Korean Culture Center in LA CA

2015: “New York Expo” NY, NY

2014: "Soul of Korea" Korean Culture Center in  Mexico City, Mexico

2014: International Art Group Show, Galerie 89, Viaduc Des Arts, Paris France


2014: ART & DEMOCRACY V, Visual Artists Guild and Building Bridges Foundation

          Bergamot Station Arts Center, Santa Monica CA

2014: Contemporary Museum of Krabi “international Show"    Krabi, Thailand

2014: International Art Exchange Show, Naresuan University Art Museum, Thailand

2012: Japan-U.S. International Art Exchange Show 2012, Fukuoka Japan

2012: International Exchange Show Korea-U.S.A. 2012  Seoul Korea

2011:  “Friends 12032011 at Project A-7, Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, CA

          “Art-ful SoriEe at Galerie Rheeway in LA

          “FLAG STOP” An Alternative contemporary Art Event, Torrance, CA 

          “Modern and Material Abstraction” Gallery OMS,  NJ

2010  “Inspire” Art from the ashes ART from the ashes Gallery, Glendale, CA

          “Zest for Art” Rheeway Gallerie,Los Angeles, CA                    

          “100509”  Sarah Lee & projects, Bergarmot station Santa Monica, CA

          “Inter Art” at Pommernhus in Grifswald, Germany

2009: “World Wide New Year Show” at Gallery Western in LA

2008: “Inaugural Invitational Show” AT Gallery Western in LA

2007: “Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Seoul”

           at Lennox Contemporary Gallery in Toronto  Canada

2006: “7-UP” SCA Gallery in Pomona

           24 Group Exhibition at LOTUS Gallery in LA

“VISION’ 2006 in Vision Art Gallery in LA

2005: “21 Drawing Exhibition” at LOTUS Gallery in LA

“Hope 2005, LA” at Catholic Art Gallery in Seoul Korea

2004: “Invitational Group Exhibition” at Jung Dong Art Hall in LA

 “57’s Favorites & Friends” at SCA Gallery in Pomona

 “Far Flung” at 419 Veronese Gallery, Orange county, CA

2003-2006: Southern California Catholic Artists Annual exhibition in LA

1995-2006: Southern California Korean Artists Association Annual at Korean culture Center

           in LA

1990-1993: “DA Group Artists Exhibition” in Seoul


1990: “ Winter. Dae Sung Lee 75 Artists exhibition: at Shore Han river in Korea

1990 : “ New wave Artist exhibition” Chungnyung Gallery in Seoul

1989-1994: Sung Shin Sculpture Association Annual Exhibition in Seoul

1989: “New Emerging Artists exhibition” at Chungnyung Gallery in Seoul

1989: “OUT 85” at Dong Soong St in Seoul Korea

1989: “New Emerging Artist Exhibition” at Seoul contemporary Museum in Seoul

1989: Graduating Students exhibition for BFA at Art Design Center in Seoul

1988: “Art with Six artists” at Cosmos Gallery in Seoul in Korea

fragments of memories - 8
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Won Sil Kim work1
Won Sil Kim work2
Won Sil Kim work3