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Artist Statement

Simple commonplace objects, such as a spoon, a potholder, or a map, fascinate me. The allure could be from its shape, function, or history, but mostly it is from the layers of associations that emerge from the context of its familiarity.


My minimalist constructions are based on re-contextualizing everyday objects to emphasize how multi-faceted and informative the ordinary can be.


Compositionally, I strive for simplicity. While I use a wide range of materials often they are employed without too much manipulation, and the shift in materials helps to highlight asymmetry, underscore dichotomies, and create idiosyncratic patterns and textures.


The work is sparse in order to create room for interpretation and to allow small details to reveal their significance.



Nicholette Kominos’ paintings and sculptures have been shown at galleries and alternative spaces across the United States and abroad. She has had one-person exhibitions at NewSpace Gallery and Offramp Gallery in Los Angeles. Her upcoming group exhibitions include “Woven” at the Sturt Haaga Gallery, Descanso Gardens, La Canada, California; “Gravitas”, at The Brand Library and Cultural Center, Glendale, California; a two-person exhibition at The Alhambra City Hall Gallery, Alhambra, California, and in 2017, at LA Artcore, Los Angeles, CA. For over twenty years, she has maintained a studio in the Los Angeles area, as well as teaching art to children and working for art organizations. Nicholette has a B.F.A. in painting, a B.A. in psychology, from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, and a post-graduate degree in Classical Greek from Trinity St. David, University of Wales, Lampeter, Wales, U.K.


Kominos and her husband sculptor Kristan Marvell have two children and live in Echo Park, a neighborhood of Los Angeles.




”Weaving with Tape, Like A Potholder” 2007
archival tape, Liquin
20’’ x 16” x.5”

Untitled: woven pipe-cleaner/ceraminc sculpture with thread and polyester batting #2   2015
12” x 7” x 6”

pipe cleaners, ceramic shell, acrylic and oil paint, polyester batting

“Like a Playground Relic, Series I, #2"

Mixed Media     11.75” x 9.5”

  1. [object Object]


4.1.Like a Playground Relic, Series III
3.Like a Playground Relic, Series III
3. _Like a Playiground Relic, Series I, #3_
2._Like a Playiground Relic, Series I, #4_
2.Nicholette Kominos - Untitled woven sculpture with thread and polyester batting #2
2._Like a Playiground Relic, Series I, #2_
2. Like a Playground Relic, Series III
1.Nicholette Kominos Like A Potholder
1._Like a Playiground Relic, Series I, #1_
1. Like a Playground Relic, Series III
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