1984~2015 Kyushu Seisaku Kaigi Group Exhibition              Kitakyusyu Japan

2015 Kyushu Contemporary Art 2015 Exibition                   Fukuoka Japan

1997~2015  Japan America Artist International Exchange         Kitakyusyu,Fukuoka  Japan

1999~2013 CROSSCURRENT : International Exchange           LosAngeles USA

1998~2013  Japan Korea Contemporary Art Exhibition            Japan

1999~2012  Korea Japan Contemporary Art Exhibition            Korea

2011~2012 A-one                                         Chaina / Japan

2010 ZENTICA Costa Rica Japan Cultural Exchange Arts Exhibition   San Jose Costa Rica

2010 Contemporary Art Cross-section Art Exhibition              Fukuoka Japan

2009  Exchange Show  WEST BREEZE                  Japan / Korea

2004  KYO HEUNG Japan Korea VIDEO / INSTALLATION Exchange  Fukuoka Japan

2003 Korea Japan VIDEO / INSTALLATION Exchange            Busan Korea

2001  CROSS OVER Daegu Kitakyusyu Women’s Exchange         Daegu Korea

2000  CROSS OVER Japan Korea “Her present progressive tense”   Kitakyusyu Japan

1987~1989 Outdoor Show  Art Picnic & Matsuri Art             Kitakyusyu  Japan\

My perspective is that art represents a collaboration between artist and viewer. The artist brings an idea or vision and endeavors to express it tangibly. In the process, the artist is challenged and changed by the art which transforms into the artwork it is meant to be.
At some point, people come to view the result of the artist’s efforts. But they are not spectators; rather, by interacting with the art, the people enliven it. Whether they seek to understand the piece or interpret it, touch the piece, or pose with it, their presence animates and even completes the artwork.
With this in mind, you are invited to meet the artistic expression before you today. I welcome your participation and look forward to seeing what transpires.

村井 ひとみ



Artist File Top


” In Pursuit e of Beauty” 実行委員会事務局

アートイマジンギャラリー 代表:吉田 史崇


東京都国立市東 1-15-33 ヒロセビル 5F

TEL&FAX 042-595-9612

This site is the planning center of the interchange exhibition held in 2017

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